Hack Masmed , Spion Hack , Char Hack , Baret Hack , Exit's Hack

Cheat/Trainer Effect :
F1 = Char hack And Beret GM
F2 = Char hack And Beret SG
F3 = Char hack And Beret Assault
F4 = Char hack And Beret AWP
F5 = Char hack And Beret SMG
DELETE = RESET Char Hack And Beret

Spion Hack = F11

Complete Card = Panah Atas
Reset Card = Panah Bawah

Exit Pb = Pause break

How To Use Hacks and Beret Char
[-] Go Room Press F2
[-] play
[-] Currently Loading Map [Screen Appears folders] press F2 More
[-] OFF [Delete] Kan We Are Preparing Game

Use of masmed:
There should be a point: Hack Masmed only Make sure you do not have any mission,
then imagine you're buying the cheapest Mission
After that you unconsciously pressing Up Arrow key
and your hands begin to play the mouse button tuk Mengkilik Misión (there is next to the inventory)
then click on Card O,
MISION button is clicked again (there is next to the inventory), and so on until the last is the letter K, after which jgn yg click the first letter P, lgsg DC wrote., after it entered lg, new deh his letters P gk flame, and complete the mission remaining after finished playing you will realize that you already get 1 Masmed and 1 Ensign or 1 medal

Hack how to use the Spion :
To Spion Turn When In ROOM

Created : Night_Shadow A.k.a Uyha
Thanks To :

[*] Sapta Agung (SUHU) Thanks To Injector
[*] Special Thanks to aGuS_TKJ For DLL
[*] Special Thanks to N3
[*] Friends From Watampone
[*] Friends From Makassar


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