Cheat PB complete misi GB clan 2011

His Tutor:

1.  Extract Etc. Minimize to Desktop
2.  Install V. Credit (After The Install)
3.  His Open Injector (After The Open)
4.  PB Kan Road (Start)
5.  Will Vibrate Jump Injector Dll Click Select
6.  Select Etc. Minimize Earlier Already In Extract To Desktop
7.  Hapy Cheating

RPE Tutor:

Minimaze When Pressured Insert will be automatically out of the PB, & Minimaze Off's up if ya sila use it if not yes please

1.siapkan 2 kom, 1 char tumbal 1 more char who want the GB ...
2.login to 2 char and input in 1 room ... mouthful, before the start of play, alt tab before ...
RPE 4.start his ...
5.masuk into the PB, and started playing,
6.HS tumbal char ...
7.setelah in HS, his char tumbal kluarin deh,,,
Char 8.kemudian who want the GB alt tab it ... STOP SPE
9.cari address 8 4 8 4
10.ada 4 addresses must be in addsendlist,,,
11.centang deh 4 sendlist tu ...
Ny times 12.bikin wrote his 3000 milliscond 5 aja let g 'E ...
13.kemudian back to the PB deh ..  clay slowly "macth you going to go up.


1.  Login PB (ma umbal that would in GB)
2.  inject alt tab
3.  start PB
4.  Make Room Destroy 3 minutes 3 rounds
5.  Tembakin Hely / Generator slightly reduced aza origin
6.  Open * PE
7.  Start * PE
8.  back to PB
9.  HS victims
10.  Stop SPE (but remember must wait before a new respawn at stop)
11.  His size 28.  45 send packets 2000: 20 z not let BT connection unless you kenceng
RM = umbal = the holding SPE


1.  Login PB (ma umbal that would in GB)
2.  inject alt tab
3.  start PB
4.  Make Room Bomb Mission 3 minutes 3 rounds
5.  Tero told put up Boom
6.  The CT defuse
7.  2nd Round of time Stop RPE Send 21 (install a bomb), 8 (defuse)
8.Times 16,000: 10
9.Back Cepat2 to PB ...
Char 10.Hasilnya Both Equally it can be exp.

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