Cheat Point Blank (PB) Unity Area V2 (Minimize, WallShot)

I had already shared Cheat Unity Point Blank Area V2, but on this occasion no longer Cheat Point Blank is the same, but the Cheat PB has been updated and its function is also different. I do not want to elaborate here. go directly to the main topics as follows.

Cheat Point Blank (PB) Unity Area V2 (Minimize, WallShot) Update 
October 1, 2010
On Tab ALT (F1)
ALT Tab Off (F2)
WallShot On (F3)
WallShott Off (F4)

And on this occasion I share his tips are not easy tips to minimize DC, as follows:

activate minimize the necessary (maximum 2 minutes) then when it's finished restart minimize minimize it.

Before you hit Resemue Hackshield, click the | D will exit "Ukira Gant" to enable cheat him.

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