Cheat PB 100 % working

Hack Char Beret Weapons:
F1: Beret Assault Gear Head (Client Side)
F2: AWP Beret Head Gear (Client Side)
F3: Beret SMG: Headgear (Client Side)
F4: SG Beret Headgear (Client Side)

F7: Hack Char Viper / Hide (Client Side)
F8: Hack Char Leopard D-Fox (Client Side)
Delete: Reset Character

F9: All Weapon To Kriss (Client Side)
F10: All Weapon To Magnum (Client Side)
F11: All Weapon To SPAS 15 (Client Side)

F12: All Weapon To mp7 (Client Side)

Rank Hack Cash Point:
Insert: Rank Hack Cash Point (Client Side)

For EXP hack Commander (Equivalent EXP Commander):
End: Hack EXP (Client Side)

How to use:
* Open Injector
* Open PB Launcher
* Start, Auto-Injector Mesuspend
* Select Desired Cheat
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